TheKorraFanatic Wiki

The following is a list of policies for The Demon's Light Wiki. As a general reminder, anything that is against the Fandom Terms of Use is not allowed on the wiki.

Chat Guidelines

  • Be respectful to everyone, do not insult or harass other users.
  • Do not use any racial or gender slurs, or any word relating to human genitalia.
  • Do not incite or continue drama.
  • Do not troll the chat.
    • This refers to various things, but a few examples are frequently bringing up inappropriate or odd topics, disruptive behavior, or spamming.
  • Do not discuss, make light of, link, or show images of sensitive topics in the chatroom.
    • This includes, but is not limited to: sexual topics, murder, rape, and real-life deaths.
  • Do not spam the chat.
    • "Spam" is defined as the abuse of emoticons or the /me command, the use of more than sixteen letters of capital letters, repeated blank space, the flooding of the chat by words and/or sentences in rapid succession.
    • Sending more than seven lines of text into chat at once or in rapid succession is counted as a "wall of text" and therefore spam.
  • Do not abuse multiple accounts.
    • Generally, users are allowed only one account on the wiki. Wiki staff and approved users may have alternate bot accounts to perform certain tasks, however.
    • The use of sockpuppets, an alternative account used to evade a ban or block on a main account, is forbidden.
    • Users are allowed to switch accounts, but should notify others about the change first and not switch between new accounts constantly.
  • Do not feed the trolls.
    • Feeding a troll is defined as providing commentary on or antagonizing a user trolling, joining the troll in their disruption, or frequently commenting on kicks and bans.
  • Do not constantly mention and advertise your wiki.
    • Please be aware that the linking of chats of any form (ex: other wiki chats, Discord servers) is forbidden. The purpose of this is to prevent chat-raiding and migration.
  • Please stay on-topic during roleplay discussions.
    • Due to the importance of the topic, users are asked to stay on-topic to roleplay discussions currently happening in the chat. They are advised to take off-topic discussions into P.M., any user failing to listen to warnings to stay on-topic will be punished at moderator discretion.
  • Due to the exclusive nature of such, Private Messages (PMs) are generally non-moderated areas and users are asked to block anyone they feel uncomfortable talking to.
    • This generally applies to Group PMs as well. However, if the Group PM is large enough to contain a majority of the chat and moderators are also present, rules may be enforced depending on the circumstances.