TheKorraFanatic Wiki

The Demon's Light Wiki Discord is a Discord server for TheKorraFanatic Wiki. It was founded by Messenger of Heaven.

There, you can converse with other TDL community members and join exclusive channels meant for improving the wiki, role-playing, and having fun with Discord bots.


  1. Register your account on Discord. You can afterwards download a client for the device you are on.
  2. Use this invite link to join the server.
  3. After joining, you can go to the #verification channel and fill out the necessary requirements in order to become verified in the server.


  • Do not bring any troll accounts to the server.
  • Do not link pornographic, or any type of NSFW content on the server.
  • Swears are allowed, but do not excessively cuss another user out. Any slurs or words referring to genitals are prohibited.
  • Do not discuss, make light of, or joke about any NSFW topics. These include: sexual intercourse, murder, rape, and suicide.
  • Do not preform any intimidating behavior or harassment towards any user.
  • Any form of racial, gender, religious, etc. discrimination is prohibited. Everyone deserves to be treated equally.
  • Do not personally insult any user.
  • Do not use any inappropriate usernames or nicknames.
  • Spam of any-kind is prohibited outside of #shitposting.
  • Make sure that you are posting your content in the correct channel. Bot spam would remain in #bots, for example.
  • Do not bring any sock puppets or alternative accounts. Such accounts will be banned on the spot.
  • Do not link or advertise any server outside of #server-invites.


Name Topic
Welcome category Verification and rules channel for new users
#verification Verification channel where new users must fill out a verification form in order to gain access to the rest of the server.
#rules An information channel listing the rules of the server.
#announcements Important announcements go here.
Info category General information about the server
#races Information about the species and races featured in The Demon's Light role-play is listed here.
#character-creation A channel where OCs for the role-play can be created.
Main category Channels for general discussion and bot-spam
#main-chat Channel for general conversation.
#tdl-convo A channel for reporting and discussing issues on the wiki.
#bots Bot-spam goes here.
#shitposting A channel for memes and non-serious talk.
#funny-moments A channel showing screen-shots from TDL chat and the server.
#music A channel for posting music videos.
#server-invites An advertisement channel for posting invites to other Discord servers.
#duckhunt A channel for hunting ducks using the DuckHunt bot.
Role-play Role-play request and role-playing channels
Voice channels category Where users can talk by voice
#voice-chat-text A chat where users not talking on voice chat can communicate with those on voice chat.
Voice-chat A chat for talking to users using your voice.


Name Meaning Additional permissions @Mentionable Separated
Bots Server utility and bots meant for fun Depends on the bot No Yes
Bureaucrats Users with bureaucrat rights on the wiki Server administrator rights Yes Yes